Exciting News and Changes


I have been working on lots of new projects and it is time to start sharing!

It’s a slow process for me to open the doors so stay with me.   I’ll keep posting updates with new work, ideas and opportunities.

In the meantime,  don’t mind the dust while I clean up the website a touch.   There is going to be some construction happening on this page soon.


The Best 2016

I’m sharing this post for a few reasons. It’s wonderful and the images are excellent. More than that, I’m hoping it inspires me to make my own ‘best of’ for 2016 and move forward into 2017 with that flow of sharing again.

Here’s to another creative year!

Dotty Molt Photography

Every Image has a Story

It’s that time of year where we post images which we think represent our body of work from the past year, the Best of the Best.  Usually limited to 12 images, one from each month, it’s really hard to decide which moments from our life to include, which images really speak to us.

Because I’ve been blessed to be able to travel extensively this year, I’ve chosen the images that tell a story.  If you’re on my Facebook page, you’ve read some of these stories, laughed at my silly videos, hopefully been inspired to get off the grid and into the world to live your life larger than you ever have, to find your True North, to become the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

I’ve traveled through eighteen states this year, from the foggy West Coast, through the hot dry desert, up into the…

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Spring Cleaning and Remodeling

It’s that time of year.   Spring has been sprung all over and I don’t know about you but I always clean out the garage, the closet, the spare room … whatever.   This year, that process includes The Blog.

Don’t worry, though.   I’m not shipping this site out to the local thrift shop or anything.   I’m just going to rearrange a few things and let you know what my new project is for this year.   I just put in a new WordPress theme.   I’m not fully sold on it.   Let me know what you think … meh or yah?

As far as photography goes, I still love film.   As a matter of fact, I love film more than ever.   Last year solidified that deal for me.   Film has made me love digital even more, too.   So, I’m going to take all that good stuff from last year and move forward.

Where am I going with it, you ask?   Hmmm … I found a clever little place that seems to just be full of people just like me.   I found my peeps!

I have been accepted to The Arcanum.   What’s that?   It’s a whole online community of AWESOMENESS, that’s what!   Ha.   The “official” purpose of The Arcanum is “To bring more art into our lives, and thereby, enrich the world. This is a re-envisioning of the Master & Apprentice relationship while using modern tools and communication technologies in a fun & fantastical augmented reality world that forms real human connections while we all engage in a global salon.”


Mumbo-jumbo?  Maybe.

For me, it’s a great way to learn and share online with other photographers.   And, there’s a goal-driven purpose through lessons and challenges.   I like that.   There’s a mentor to work with a whole cohort of others who are in different stages of learning and a master from whom I can learn all the secrets of the universe.   Hopefully–that’s the promise anyway.

I’ll share more after I’ve been going for a while.   I just wanted to check back into the blog-o-sphere and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about this site.  I’m just busy learning!

Roll 52: The Frosty Fog

52 rolls

Roll 52.

Take a moment and soak it in, this one is special.

I finish this 52 Roll Project with my trusty Nikon FM2 and a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400.   The FM2 is the whole reason that I started the project in the first place.   I thought I would use most of my film in this camera all year and I was surprised that I found so many other cameras to enjoy.    My first love, though, is this camera.  In return, look what it (and nature) brought me today.    These are all scanned by the developer, straight out of camera, no extra edits.

For now, grab a warm cuppa and enjoy the frosty fog in Washoe Valley, Nevada.   Just a touch of cold in the morning with the sagebrush and bramble and misty mountains of the Sierra …


I started to leave ……

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Roll 51: Neighborhood Pond

52 rolls

The Nikon FM2 and I went exploring to a neighborhood park by my office with another roll of Kodak Elite Chrome 35mm slide film.   I don’t know why I have never been by this hidden little spot but it is a very nice lunch time getaway with a trail and little bridges.   And, a surprising amount of birds for right in the middle of town.


Ducks on ice.   I loved these two.


And, another film selfie.   The water looks gross but I love these shots for some silly reason.


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Roll 50: Rural Nevada

52 rolls

This photo adventure has been brought to you by the Nikon FM2 with a roll of Kodak Elite Chrome 100 slide film.   When the scans came back from the developer, I thought they were off and then I remembered the colors are different on slide film.   Enjoy.

Welcome to Fallon, Nevada.   It’s a charming little place with lots of old-fashioned details.   It’s a rancher community and, in wet weather years, the farms put out quite a bit of produce, believe it or not.


Maine Street.  (no typo)  I loved this slice of town.   There is a saddlery next to a tattoo shop next to an old theater.   Yes, that is a real live cowboy store that sells boots and saddles and western gear.   Then, you can get a sweet tatt before you go see “The Hobbit.”


The barber shop sign was a bit…

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Roll 49: Christmas

52 rolls

I’m a sucker for the holidays and even though they are long gone now that this is being posted, I thought you might like a peek into how my family celebrates.    It was one of those days where the natural light coming in the house seemed just right for film.    I think it worked out for me, don’t you?

These are a few of my glass ornaments.   Every year I add one or two more … this year was a TLR and DSLR.   Most people that see my tree never notice them, but I know they’re there.   haha

Here’s another roll of 120 from the Yashica Mat EM, maybe the last one for a while.  It might be time to mix it up a bit.


When I saw this next photo, I had to laugh.   I recently spent an entire day with my DSLR…

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Roll 48: Nevada Sky

52 rolls

As I get closer to that #52 goal, I’m getting more anxious about completing the project.   The delay between shooting, processing and blogging has been a little bit of a drag for me so I feel like I’m constantly running behind schedule.   No worries, I’m almost there — roll 48!   Woo hoo.

I shot this on the Yashica Mat EM again with Kodak Portra 120 film.   I bought a five pack of film so it’s just handy to keep this one loaded right now.   Plus, it has proven to be a consistent performer this year.

Here’s a view into the valley near my home and some of the big ranches … with some big Nevada sky.


and a few power lines … darn it, I hate those …


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Roll 47: Winter Skies

52 rolls

I hit the road the other day with the Yashica Mat EM and a roll of Kodak Portra 120.   Nothing in particular struck me to photograph so I made a pitstop at a small park that has a even smaller but well-stocked trout pond.   I thought I might get a few shots of the fly fisherman practicing his cast but the skies ending up putting on a show for me instead.   I was very pleased to see that a few shots turned out even though I didn’t get any of the fisherman.    I might come back to these images in Lightroom and add a filter because clouds were just so incredible.   But, for you, I left them alone … just straight out of the camera.




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