Disney via Instagram

I am still suffering from vacation hangover and a little bit of post-awesomeness depression from our Disney adventures.   It truly was a nice vacation in the Happiest Place on Earth.    Rather than share cheesy shots of my family in the standard Disney poses, I’d like to show you my lens via Instagram.

The Tea Cups, or the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, at night were beautiful.


Space Mountain, a classic.


The Orbiters are a silly ride but the design is dazzling.


I was in love with the Mickey wheel at California Adventure.   I took countless photos of it but this sunset is my favorite.


Mickey shaped food always tastes better.   The churro is BY FAR my favorite, though.


Malificent the Dragon from the show “Fantasmic,” an outdoor display on the water by Tom Sawyer’s Island.


We stayed at the Grand Californian.   I loved the lobby.   It was huge and dramatic with all kinds of architectural details.


Mickey ‘soft’ pretzels.   This actually looked better than it tasted.   Hard as a rock.


Goofy’s Symphony on the water at California Adventure.   I didn’t realize what a goofy Goofy fan I am.  He is adorable.


From inside the bottle house, one of the spots they mousetrap you through while waiting in line for the Radiator Springs Racers.


To Infinity and Beyond …


Oh, Buzz.   You handsome devil, you.

Until my next visit …


12 Comments on “Disney via Instagram

  1. Goofy is my all time favourite Disney cartoon character. I even bought my hubby a T-shirt with him on it. He can easily make me laugh, if he laughs like Goofy. Did you buy the poster?

  2. Makes me want to go back! I have been there “before kids’, “with babies”, “with little ones” and “with older kids”. Can’t wait go back with “grandkids”!

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