Moving Boxes



It is moving time.   No, not migrate your blog time, it is actually time to pack boxes and move for real … to a new (to us) home.     That’s right, people … lift with your legs!


I haven’t felt much like taking fancy photos so I thought I would introduce you to my new best friend, Sir Tapes-A-Lot.   He’s picky about what kind of tape that I use and he likes to play games of hide and seek.  I’m rather protective of him and his trusty sidekick, Little Miss Marks-A-Lot.



I know you are envious of all the packing and cleaning fun that I am having.   WTF — there are wire hangers and a black hanger in my closet.   NO, I am not OCD.



This is how my husband packs.   Sorta.   Or, this is his organization system.   I’m not sure.   I don’t understand it.



What’s that?   You are racing right over to help?   How sweet.   And, you are bringing all of your strong, truck-driving, extra trailer toting friends??? I love you.



I hope I can find my real camera when this is over …

In the meantime, please tell me a story.  Leave a comment!   You know, so I can spend time reading blogs and screwing around on the computer instead of getting my moving chores done.   (please???!)

9 Comments on “Moving Boxes

  1. I feel for you. Very much. I’ve moved more times than I care to mention. It usually involves carrying awkward things up winding narrow stairs, carrying heavy stuff further than is entirely comfortable,, and trudging in and out from the street during a downpour with bits of precious furniture and electrical equipment. I hope you’re luckier. And that you find everything you want at the other end.

    • I’m excited but, to put it in perspective, I have lived here for 8 1/2 years and my previous house for 7 years. It’s been a while.

  2. I haven’t moved in a long time but there was one year that we moved house 5 times. I got really good at packing that year. I realised it didn’t really matter where you started as it all had to go eventually. Just pick somewhere and work on it bit by bit and eventually it all gets done.

    Tip: Leave a coffee making station until last (kettle, teaspoon, sugar, milk, coffee, tea, mugs). You’ll want it throughout the packing process and even AFTER everything is packed. Nothing quite like a coffee before you start cleaning an empty house and a cup of tea afterwards.

    • Good tip! We are lucky enough to be able to occupy both spaces at the same time and spent our first night there last night. All of the boxes have been moved … now for all of the weird shaped, unpackables.

      • First night in a new house is always fun.

        One time we moved apartments we had both on the go. One was just 2 block from the other so we would take a box or full drawer down, unpack it and then bring the box or drawer back. We drip fed it over about a week and then hired a truck for an hour in the weekend for the weird shaped unpackables.

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