Cloudy Morning Mountain Drive



My morning commute is about to change and I was feeling all sentimental this morning.    I love this view.    It is breathtaking every day.  I will miss it.

I will not, however, miss snowy/icy/treacherous road conditions on this winding road.   I will not miss going through $1,000 in tires every year.   I will not miss slow-ass tourists lollygagging on the drive.   And, while I respect a bicyclist’s right to the road, I will not miss trying to avoid running them over while just getting where I am going every day.

Fortunately, my new morning commute (coming to this blog soon) will still include this same mountain from a much lower altitude.

15 thoughts on “Cloudy Morning Mountain Drive

  1. Ginger! I’m so glad you hopped over to point me toward those other bloggers. I have to confess, I thought their negativity was kind of overwhelming. I left a comment which was not moderated through. I was actually shocked. You have such a lovely blog, I’d rather hang out here — if you don’t mind.

    And I see Misty is here! And Margaret21, too! Ooh la la!

    Good luck with the move. Change is always scary, but I’m a big believer that good things await you on the other end of this journey. Ooops, there’s that positivity seeping out again.

    • After reading parts 2 and 3 and etc of her blog, I agree. They might have been the mean girls there. But, I thought you might like to see their perspective. Normally, her blog is pretty motivating, albeit bitchy, she does make me laugh.

  2. ouch!
    youre leaving that place? and all those to-die-for-views?
    i’d really like to know where it is youre moving now…myself, it would take an army to move me outta such a place!
    anyways, long time no speaky?

    • Howdy! Ya, I was a little bummed to give up the beautiful view from the top of the mountain. But, I do have to say that the drive is so much easier down at the bottom and just as beautiful, in a different way. How are you?

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