The Car Wash




I love going through the car wash.   There is just something fun about it for me.    I’m pretty sure it has something to do with that movie from the 70’s and, of course, the Rose Royce classic song.

“At the car wash
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Talkin’ about the car wash, girl
Come on, ya’ll and sing it for me”

Most automated car washes are just a quickie through the rinse machine by a gas station and nothing like the one in the Car Wash movie but … every now and then, I pretend.

First, there’s the rinse:



Then, the big roller thing that seems to beat the hell of your car:



Oh, don’t forget about the side, flappy/scrubby things.    This is right about when panic starts to set in and you realize that you cannot leave your vehicle.   And, you imagine some idiot trying … which would be complete madness.



Almost, there … final rinse.   Then, the massive dryer thing.  You can see daylight again.



Just wait for the green light from the machine and enjoy that fresh, clean car feeling.   Aaaah.

“(Hey, get your car washed today)
Fill up and you don’t have to pay
Come on and give us a play
(Do the wash, right away)”

10 Comments on “The Car Wash

  1. What a fun idea to take photo’s in there. Oddly, I also enjoy the car wash. I think it’s the moving in your car without your hands on the wheel. I also like when the soap is multi-coloured. Thats a fun photo at the end.

    • Thanks. I kept thinking it would be fun and finally did it. I like the way they came out with a few added filters.

  2. Great pics. And yes, there is something soothing about the car wash. When my oldest was a toddler, I went to a car wash and he freaked out and started wailing in the back seat. For a time after that, it seemed he was always in the car with me when the car needed washing, so I abstained from torturing him further. His therapy bills are already going to be immense! But now that my kids are older, it’s fun for the whole family!! 🙂

    • Yes. I have endured the panicked terror of a toddler at the car wash and, then, felt like the worst mom EVAR. I have since made my twerp go through the car wash again and he seemed to almost enjoy it. Therapy/conditioning … whatever.

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