Morning Kayaking

This past week, I have been at the annual camping spot.  My husband’s family has been setting up shop in the same spot for the last few years and it’s always a ton of fun to get everyone together.   Most of us live in the Reno area but there a few Californians that travel up to visit and Stampede Reservoir is a nice mid-point for everyone.   We are a good group so there’s lots to look forward to at big, family mealtimes and lazy afternoons on the lake shores.

But, my special treat is to wake up ridiculously early and kayak.   It’s just me and a few early bird fishermen before the water skiers that drank too much around the campfire the night before manage to roll out of their campsites and fire up the ski boats.

And, now, thanks to a waterproof Nikon, I can share some of it with you:

glassy waters


the peninsula

So, where is this oasis?   Stampede Reservoir is just outside of Truckee, California.   I did a little homework and discovered that the man-made dam was built in 1970 as a Bureau of Reclamation project.   For more info, click HERE.   If you are interested in the local fishing report, click HERE.  I’m not into fishing but was impressed by the Mountain Hardware site.   It’s a pretty neat store for all kinds of stuff in Truckee, too.

Back to kayaking …


if you look really hard, you can see some of my family’s campers … sorta

tree reflection

I wanted to lean over and do a selfie here but had the sense to not tempt fate and end up in the cold water.

I wanted to lean over and do a selfie here but had the sense to not tempt fate and end up in the cold water.

I did a little video of some morning zen paddling to share with you, check it out on YouTube HERE.   I haven’t figured out how (or paid for the upgrade) to embed the video into the blog so you’re just going to have to deal with clicking through to it.

Have you been out on the water this summer?

Now, for some artsy stuff:

bw feather in colorbw feather

There were tons of feathers floating on the water all morning.   This is a shot including the reflection.   Which do you like better: color or black and white?



6 Comments on “Morning Kayaking

  1. Nice potos! As to your question: I’d have expected to go for the black and white, but in this case I like the contrast between that downy white feather and the summery blue water.

    • I agree. When I took a couple of the shots, I was just hoping that the little waterproof camera would do the close up for me and I could filter it to B/W. The color makes it look better. 🙂

  2. I really like these photos. The way that you capture just a bit of boat or paddle leaves me to wonder about the journey.

    • Thanks — that’s my favorite part of the pictures, too. It’s kinda like I have to prove I’m in the boat by including it. haha

  3. Your photographs are beautiful~ so zen like. The reflections, the water’s ripples, colours…so beautiful. (I like the colour the best as I can “feel” the water as I “see” it!) Lovely!
    PS~ Thank you for “liking” my post, An Image.

    • Wow-thank you for such a nice compliment. ESPECIALLY since that was exactly what I was trying to show! 🙂 You made my day!

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