Bristlecone Pine

The bristlecone pine trees of Great Basin National Park are some of the oldest known trees in existence.   These high-altitude, gnarly trees have been dated to more the 4,900 years old.   From the Wheeler Peek campground at over 10,000 feet in elevation, there is an easy, 3-mile round trip, hike to the tree grove.   My four year old managed the trek and, if it hadn’t rained on us the entire way back, it would have been a perfect adventure for him.

I think the trees are extremely beautiful.   Let me know in the comments if you agree.

11 Comments on “Bristlecone Pine

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  2. The colours are beautiful… But I like the black and white set best! The shapes are more clearly defined and there’s that power I mentioned just… Something otherworldly, it makes you stop and look and start making all these connections. I mean gosh they’re so symbolic aren’t they? That really comes through in black and white.x

    • The energy around those trees is phenomenal. I was hiking with a four year old and it started to rain that day so we didn’t stay long — but, it would be the best place to just stop and hang out for a while, soak it all in.

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