Black and White Bristlecones

Because I fancy myself as a photographer that prefers black and white, I am going to share some of the bristlecone photos that I used filters on in Photoshop.   I’m not big on too many adjustments so don’t get all ‘straight out of camera’ on me.   If I was just a touch better at manual settings, I would seriously just go back to film and do this old school.

Do you think some photos are better in monochrome tones than color?    Sometimes, I wonder if I’m a little bit colorblind and that’s why I like the contrast of black and white better.    Let me know what you think in the comments.

And, if you want to see some more in color, please check out my previous post HERE.   That one will tell you a little bit of history on the bristlecone pines and Great Basin National Park, Nevada, too.

15 Comments on “Black and White Bristlecones

  1. You’ve hit a weakness of mine there, black and white images of trees! I think when you have the stark leafless subjects especially; taking the colour away just lets the power of the image sing. I love this collection of images.x

  2. Great b&w images. I must develop the confidence to fiddle about with my camera. I’m scared of all those settings and am very slow to explore them all. Glad to hear that you too are not so confident about manual settings. Or you say not. Your photos look pretty good to me!

  3. i really like your b& w shots….i love b&w too…i try to shoot it on film much more than color.
    even when im using a digital, i often convert the shot into grayscale…! keep it up!

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