The Pumpkin Tower

Lattin Farms in Fallon, Nevada, is the main farm for the CSA (community supported agriculture) subscription that I do every week from spring through autumn.   About this time every year, they do a fall festival with kid activities, pumpkin patch and corn maze.    The highlight of the festival is The Pumpkin Tower.

It’s super cool — check this out:

tower lattin farms


13 Comments on “The Pumpkin Tower

    • I love it. We have gone to that farm for several years and missed the lighting of the tower because it is later in the evening so I was excited to finally be there at the right time. 🙂

  1. That is one impressive display of pumpkins and it sure beats what’s going on up the block from my apartment here in Manhattan. Someone removed their a/c from it’s outdoor cage and put a pumpkin — uncarved of course (this is NYC; a pigeon, rat and roach infested paradise) in its place. So it looks like a pumpkin behind bars, or if you prefer, in jail.

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