Roll 14: Oreo Cows

52 rolls

There is a ranch near our house that has “Oreo Cows.”   Of course, this is not their real name but it is what my family calls them every time we drive by the pastures of black and white cattle.   I believe the technical breed name is “Belted Galloway” but that is totally boring when they look like Oreo cookies to me and my five year old son.   You be the judge …

oreo cows

oreo cows2

I was actually trying to get a good shot of a newborn calf in the field but they must have figured out that a car stopped on the side of the road means people with cameras so this herd wanted nothing to do with me.  I even tried going to the other side near the interstate.   Go figure, the cows didn’t want to be near the freeway, either.    But, I still managed to…

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