Roll 15: Carson City, Nevada

52 rolls

This roll was shot on my Nikon FM2 with Kodak Ektar 100, 35mm film.  My subject:   Carson City, the capital of Nevada.

I was out and about the other day near the Governor’s mansion in the old, historical district.   Nevada is a unique place in that the Governor’s mansion has a private residence but is also public building.  There is even a small banquet hall to rent for private events.   The historical society has a “blue-line” walking tour down several miles of streets with a self-guided information brochure.   Many of the houses broadcast on specific radio frequencies and there is a section of tour called “Talking Houses” where you can listen to fabled stories of the historic homes’ previous residents.

For today, I started my tour at the Governor’s mansion.

gov mansion front

gov mansion flags

gov mansion sign

blue line

blue line flag

I did make it a little further down the street to the Bliss Mansion.  This is the home…

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4 Comments on “Roll 15: Carson City, Nevada

  1. Fabulous idea for a walkabout. I’ve been cooped up for too long, and need a day out to shoot! I love Carson City, so may take a drive over.

    Love the perspective in the second shot. Nice.

    • Thank you. I was going for ‘the something interesting in the ordinary’ day. It was a detour from my regular work stuff.

  2. Very well framed! I prefer a real guide but the audio-tour guide doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. 🙂

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