Roll 17: The Ihagee Dresden EXA

52 rolls


This week’s roll hails from the Ihagee Dresden EXA.   The inaugural roll for me in this lovely machine was Kodak Gold 100.

This is another camera from my new loot of camera treasures.   I’m already pretty fond of it but I have to admit that I had never heard of the maker and just went solely on beauty in keeping this one.   It came to me in an absolutely perfect, leather carrying case with instructions, extra lenses and all kinds of doodads, including the original owner’s manual.   The pages are tattered but I have delicately cherished each and every detail of it.  This first roll of film is a little rough but every single photo is getting better as I learn the controls.    Trust me, you will see more film from this camera in the future.

For the EXA’s first film adventure with me, I…

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2 Comments on “Roll 17: The Ihagee Dresden EXA

  1. this camera looks to be a beauty in really great condition.

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