Roll 20: The EXA Goes to the River

52 rolls

I’m still in love with the EXA.    So, it went to the Truckee River in Reno, Nevada, recently to celebrate kayaks at the Reno River Festival.   I forgot that I was shooting black and white so I’m not as excited with the results but they are interesting.   It’s funny that I totally take B&W for granted now that you can use software to do it.    Using a whole roll with that intention is another world.   I would have definitely taken different angles for photos if I had been paying attention.   I’m feeling a little like I wasted this roll of Kodak T-MAX 100 but … not really.

926712968 The Truckee River in downtown Reno

926713008 the starting rapids of the kayak course

926712992 kayakers just past the finish, near the get out and turn around area


Overall, this was a pretty nice day and a great festival…

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