Roll 21: Wasting Film

52 rolls

Ugh.   I had another camera experiment weekend and killed some film.    Darnit.   There goes $9 bucks worth of Kodak Ektar on 120.   That seems really silly when I figured out that one of the cameras that I was attempting to test only cost me $3.   The economics on that one aren’t good, are they?

What happened, you ask?


I tried to make some 120 film fit into a camera meant for 620.   It has worked for me in a couple of other cameras.   But, those darn evil corporations are sneaky about making things JUST SLIGHTLY different and yet impossible to use.

I trimmed the original plastic roller on the film and even sanded it down to make it fit into the cameras.   I could not get either of these two cameras to work with my modified 120.   Once I got the rolls…

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