Roll 24: Velvia in an Argus 75

Some Tahoe blue for you …

52 rolls

Welcome to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.    The following shots were taken at the Cave Rock boat ramp on the eastern shore with an Argus 75 on Fuji Velvia 50/120 film.   I think the blue vignetting is perfect with the Tahoe blue.   Just perfect.


This little spot is a great for a mid-week quick picnic and can be wonderful for off-season visits.   The boat ramp is tremendously busy on summer weekends so its not quite as serene as it might seem in these photos.   But, timed right, this spot is a little piece of heaven.

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8 thoughts on “Roll 24: Velvia in an Argus 75

  1. These lovely shots take me back to my childhood in the Sixties when I was growing up in San Francisco. My family and I used to visit Tahoe on vacation. I remember how beautiful and blue it was up there.

    • It hasn’t changed much there. That’s good and bad. The restrictions on development slowed down the over development but are now impeding updating things as the get old.

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