Roll 24: Velvia in an Argus 75

Some Tahoe blue for you …

52 rolls

Welcome to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.    The following shots were taken at the Cave Rock boat ramp on the eastern shore with an Argus 75 on Fuji Velvia 50/120 film.   I think the blue vignetting is perfect with the Tahoe blue.   Just perfect.


This little spot is a great for a mid-week quick picnic and can be wonderful for off-season visits.   The boat ramp is tremendously busy on summer weekends so its not quite as serene as it might seem in these photos.   But, timed right, this spot is a little piece of heaven.

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8 Comments on “Roll 24: Velvia in an Argus 75

    • Some things are to be savored … Tahoe is one of them. And, if you can be there when the crowds are not, it is amazing!

  1. These lovely shots take me back to my childhood in the Sixties when I was growing up in San Francisco. My family and I used to visit Tahoe on vacation. I remember how beautiful and blue it was up there.

    • It hasn’t changed much there. That’s good and bad. The restrictions on development slowed down the over development but are now impeding updating things as the get old.

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