Roll 31: Urban Monochrome

52 rolls

It took me a while to post this one.   I have gotten behind again so I’m adding all of the images to a gallery to streamline it a bit.

These were all taken with my trusty EXA on Kodak Ektar 100, 35mm, and I was part of a photowalk group in downtown Reno, NV.  It’s funny how much I have been there to take photos this year when I haven’t been anywhere near that part of town in recent years.   Normally, “downtown” is reserved for tourists or transients.  Nope, not so much anymore.   There’s a whole rebirth of Reno happening!

The photo group was fun and helped me to see a few things with a new eye.   I took the bulk of my shots with a DSLR but did lug the film camera with me for the fun of it.   Well, sorta.   It was a 103 degrees…

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