Roll 37: Everyday Things

52 rolls

Sometimes, there’s nothing special going on and just ordinary things to photography.    My son gets the mail at our house every day.   This is one of his “jobs.”   We check the mail every day after I get off of work and pick him up from school.

Nothing good today in the box.   Just junk mail.


And, speaking of school, my son started kindergarten this year.    I took lots of ‘first day’ photos but didn’t shoot it on film.   Here’s a shot of the school:


This school was built over 50 years ago.   They take good care of it but that tells you how limited the funding for education here in Nevada is.   Very.   I won’t start a political rant here but they could make some serious changes, in my opinion.   For real.

I shot a bunch of images on the…

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