Roll 43: The City of Trees, Sacramento, CA

52 rolls

For Thanksgiving, my family went to visit some friends in Sacramento, CA, and our hotel was near the capitol park which was booming with fall color.   It hadn’t occurred to me that the warmer climate would still be so full of leaves and color so I was happily surprised.   And, I forced my family to detour through the park just so I could take a few snaps with the Yashica Mat EM.   I’m more than happy with these shots on Kodak Portra 100, 120mm.

Sacramento is designated as “The City of Trees” and there is obviously no question as to why.

autumn tree silouette

big autumn tree

tree lined walk

palm trees

park colors w palms

bw palm closeup

I converted this last shot to black and white in Lightroom because I like the contrast better.   There are Christmas lights on this palm tree that are a little distracting in the color version.

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6 thoughts on “Roll 43: The City of Trees, Sacramento, CA

  1. Such lovely compositions of nature at its finest! Of course, after looking at all those bursts of magnificent fall colors, when I got to the last one in black and white, I first thought there was something wrong with my eyes.

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