Roll 46: Light Games

52 rolls

I always have to remind myself that failure is part of growing … and with film comes a lot of failure.   Here’s a full roll of growth and learning for ya from some experiments with the Bolsey Model C.

First up, it appears like I was taking a selfie.   But, no, that’s me fiddling with the camera or not advancing the roll or accidentally hitting the shutter button.   Something like that.

light selfie

I made an effort to get the Christmas lights in the yard on film.   Clearly, I forgot that just because I can do magic with my DSLR, I have not yet mastered the effect on film.

light pbear

It’s either blurry, boring or weird, right??

light swirls

I also thought I would try some indoor shots.   I may have forgotten that photography is about LIGHT.

light turkey

Next up, plenty of light.   Not so much on the focus …

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