Roll 49: Christmas

52 rolls

I’m a sucker for the holidays and even though they are long gone now that this is being posted, I thought you might like a peek into how my family celebrates.    It was one of those days where the natural light coming in the house seemed just right for film.    I think it worked out for me, don’t you?

These are a few of my glass ornaments.   Every year I add one or two more … this year was a TLR and DSLR.   Most people that see my tree never notice them, but I know they’re there.   haha

Here’s another roll of 120 from the Yashica Mat EM, maybe the last one for a while.  It might be time to mix it up a bit.


When I saw this next photo, I had to laugh.   I recently spent an entire day with my DSLR…

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