Roll 52: The Frosty Fog

52 rolls

Roll 52.

Take a moment and soak it in, this one is special.

I finish this 52 Roll Project with my trusty Nikon FM2 and a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400.   The FM2 is the whole reason that I started the project in the first place.   I thought I would use most of my film in this camera all year and I was surprised that I found so many other cameras to enjoy.    My first love, though, is this camera.  In return, look what it (and nature) brought me today.    These are all scanned by the developer, straight out of camera, no extra edits.

For now, grab a warm cuppa and enjoy the frosty fog in Washoe Valley, Nevada.   Just a touch of cold in the morning with the sagebrush and bramble and misty mountains of the Sierra …


I started to leave ……

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