Black and White Bristlecones

Because I fancy myself as a photographer that prefers black and white, I am going to share some of the bristlecone photos that I used filters on in Photoshop.   I’m not big on too many adjustments so don’t get all ‘straight out of camera’ on me.   If I was just a touch better at manual settings, I would seriously just go back…

The Snowy Day

It has been pretty busy out here in Gingerlea Photography Land.    The holidays, the food, the festivities … now, for the photos of a nice, snowy day and some icicles that I thought looked pretty.   Welcome to the Sierra.

Desert Views

Something I love most about the Northern Nevada desert is that it is wide open space.     Here’s to some of my favorite vistas in monochrome!

Through the Cemetery Gates

Welcome to the Silver Terrace Cemetery in Virginia City, Nevada.    The ghosts are everywhere.

Monochromatic Corn Maze

I thought it would be fun to play with some filters for the corn maze photos.   Sometimes the super busy textures of things just look better without all of the distractions of color.   What do you think?