Safe Haven Rescue Zoo, Imlay, Nevada

Last weekend, my family made a trip out to an animal sanctuary and rescue zoo in Imlay, NV.    Where’s Imlay?    Well, head about 2 hours northeast from Reno on Interstate 80 and then turn right and drive some more.   It’s a beautiful spot in the middle of the desert with huge vistas of the Humboldt mountain range. But, I wouldn’t say…

Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada

The Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge is near Fallon, Nevada, and is about an hour east of Reno.    It is strangely listed as a ghost town on many websites but it is actually inhabited by a variety of Nevadans such as Paiute and Western Shoshone Indians, alfalfa farmers and a cattle rancher or two from Fallon.   There is a significant amount of history to the…

Sunset and Moonrise in the Desert

More of my desert favorites … somehow, the sky seems bigger when you are in the middle of nowhere.

Desert Views in Color

These are the views from Berlin, Nevada, in color this time.

Desert Views

Something I love most about the Northern Nevada desert is that it is wide open space.     Here’s to some of my favorite vistas in monochrome!