Black and White Bristlecones

Because I fancy myself as a photographer that prefers black and white, I am going to share some of the bristlecone photos that I used filters on in Photoshop.   I’m not big on too many adjustments so don’t get all ‘straight out of camera’ on me.   If I was just a touch better at manual settings, I would seriously just go back to film and do this old school.

Do you think some photos are better in monochrome tones than color?    Sometimes, I wonder if I’m a little bit colorblind and that’s why I like the contrast of black and white better.    Let me know what you think in the comments.

And, if you want to see some more in color, please check out my previous post HERE.   That one will tell you a little bit of history on the bristlecone pines and Great Basin National Park, Nevada, too.

Bristlecone Pine

The bristlecone pine trees of Great Basin National Park are some of the oldest known trees in existence.   These high-altitude, gnarly trees have been dated to more the 4,900 years old.   From the Wheeler Peek campground at over 10,000 feet in elevation, there is an easy, 3-mile round trip, hike to the tree grove.   My four year old managed the trek and, if it hadn’t rained on us the entire way back, it would have been a perfect adventure for him.

I think the trees are extremely beautiful.   Let me know in the comments if you agree.

Freaky Windfarms

I have a completely unnatural fear of windmills.   Not the cute little dutch-style wooden ones that people put in their garden but the huge wind turbines that all of those tree-hugger types tout will save the planet with their renewable energy greatness.

They are very creepy to me.

Now, first things first, I love the concept of green energy and I’m all about saving some planet Earth.   This post is not about that kind of stuff.    This post is about being completely freaked out by a stupid wind farm.   There are a ton (actual measurement: shit ton) of wind farms and the like in California.   Every time we go somewhere, I am confronted with a hillside or valley of these darn things.   And, to make it worse, there is a colossal behemoth wind turbine thing in Fairfield, California, near the Anheuser-Busch Factory.   Can’t go anywhere without going past that.   Ugh.

This gallery of photos is the Spring Valley Wind Farm just outside of Ely, Nevada.    Logistically, it is probably a great place to catch the wind necessary to generate lots of power.  And, there are very few human residents that will complain about how much landscape these big propellers take.   However, it totally peeves me to see some pristine desert get hogged up for a wind farm to power all of our electronic doodads.   It’s kind of ridiculous really.

There are 75 wind turbines in this project and it was built in 2012.   The last time I drove through here was 2005.   I guess that’s progress but I liked it better without them.   I did pretty much drive right up to them to take a picture and I’ll call that a win for conquering my weird phobia.   But, I still don’t like them.

Anywhooo … I’m working on getting over my weird freak out over these things.   It’s not totally a fear.   I just can’t stop staring at them and they totally give me the oogies.

What are you afraid of?

Vacation Days

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is but vacation days are better than regular days.   You know, those ‘going to work days’ or even just the ones where you stay home on the weekend aren’t the same as official vacation ones.    I have a ton of new photos to share but thought I would give you a quick peek into some recent vacation days.    We made the drive across all of Northern Nevada to Great Basin National Park which borders on Utah.   You can expect to see more in the upcoming days … enjoy.