Instagram Goodness

  I recently posted this photo as I had taken it pretty much straight out of camera.   Then, I played with it a little bit in Instagram and shared with it with a few friends.   My Instagram and Facebook accounts have pretty much blown up with comments and likes.   So, I thought I would share it on here as well.  …

Winter Weather

I think I love winter weather pictures more than any other season.    Sure, I love a nice, sunny day but there is so much more drama happening with fog, snow, ice crystals and clouds.    Here … see what I mean?                

Snowshoeing and a Good Lunch

There is plenty of snow in my neck of the woods and, while I do love to ski, lift tickets are expensive.   So, this weekend, I opted to enjoy some nature via snowshoes.    My friend and I headed out toward Carson Pass, south of Gardnerville, NV, up into the California hills and went for a hike above Red Lake off of Highway 88.   The…

The Snowy Day

It has been pretty busy out here in Gingerlea Photography Land.    The holidays, the food, the festivities … now, for the photos of a nice, snowy day and some icicles that I thought looked pretty.   Welcome to the Sierra.