Roll 46: Light Games

52 rolls

I always have to remind myself that failure is part of growing … and with film comes a lot of failure.   Here’s a full roll of growth and learning for ya from some experiments with the Bolsey Model C.

First up, it appears like I was taking a selfie.   But, no, that’s me fiddling with the camera or not advancing the roll or accidentally hitting the shutter button.   Something like that.

light selfie

I made an effort to get the Christmas lights in the yard on film.   Clearly, I forgot that just because I can do magic with my DSLR, I have not yet mastered the effect on film.

light pbear

It’s either blurry, boring or weird, right??

light swirls

I also thought I would try some indoor shots.   I may have forgotten that photography is about LIGHT.

light turkey

Next up, plenty of light.   Not so much on the focus …

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Roll 45: Bolsey Visits Its Owner

52 rolls

The Bolsey Model C and went on a special trek back in November with a roll of Fujifilm 400, 35mm.  This particular camera belonged to an extended family member’s father who was a Korean War Veteran.    Mr. Simms is buried at the Nevada Veteran’s Cemetery in Fernley, NV.

At the time, Veteran’s Day was approaching so it seemed that this was a good way to pay our respects.   And, reunite old friends for a moment.

RIP, sir.

fnly vet mem

fnly simms

fnly simms spot

When I arrived back home that day, there was a rainbow across the backyard.   I’d like to think heaven was smiling, especially since it came out on film.   No small feat for me.

rainbow 1rainbow 2

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Roll 44: Capitol Park, Sacramento, CA

52 rolls

The Yashica Mat EM and I went through two rolls of Kodak Portra 100, 120 film, when we visited Sacramento, CA, so hang in there while I add a little more fall color to the end of the year.

Capital Park in Sacramento is full of all kinds of monuments and very special groves of trees dating back to the Civil War and the original pioneers to make it to the west.

This fellow is Thomas Starr King (1824-1864) and he is credited with keeping California from seceding from the Union.   All politics aside, he’s a sharp looking dude.

thomas starr king

Next up is this gent and a memorial for the Spanish War Veterans.   He rises above a small pond that hosts trout and turtles year round.

spanish am war trout pond

I love the depth of field on my next photo.  It came out exactly the way I remember seeing it that day.  …

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Roll 43: The City of Trees, Sacramento, CA

52 rolls

For Thanksgiving, my family went to visit some friends in Sacramento, CA, and our hotel was near the capitol park which was booming with fall color.   It hadn’t occurred to me that the warmer climate would still be so full of leaves and color so I was happily surprised.   And, I forced my family to detour through the park just so I could take a few snaps with the Yashica Mat EM.   I’m more than happy with these shots on Kodak Portra 100, 120mm.

Sacramento is designated as “The City of Trees” and there is obviously no question as to why.

autumn tree silouette

big autumn tree

tree lined walk

palm trees

park colors w palms

bw palm closeup

I converted this last shot to black and white in Lightroom because I like the contrast better.   There are Christmas lights on this palm tree that are a little distracting in the color version.

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Roll 42: Back at the Park

52 rolls

A while back, I visited Idlewild Park here in Reno and didn’t have very good luck with the camera that I chose.   This time, I used the EXA with some Fuji 100.   If you wanna catch up, here’s the old post.   If not, you can enjoy the trees changing colors and notice how low the river and ponds are.   We are in serious drought mode.   I can’t say that I have ever seen the bottom of this pond before now.   Yikes.

autumn in the park

almost dry

autumn picnic table

I went back by the book tree but there were no offerings this time.   Library must be closed.   I did get a shot of this fellow, though.   I tried last time but managed to fubar the film in the camera at this point.   I can’t say this is my greatest photo either.   There must be some voodoo that…

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Roll 41: The EXA goes to The Mobil

52 rolls

Today’s film adventure takes the EXA and roll of Fuji 100 down I-395 south of Reno to Tioga Pass in California at the eastern gate to Yosemite.   I was in search of fall color and met big grey clouds for a dusting of snow.   I didn’t really get all of the leaves and color that I wanted on this roll but I did get to go to one of the places on my “List.”    What List?   Oh, you know, that list of stuff and things that you think someday you want to do?   I wanted to go to a gas station for lunch.   Yup.   A Mobil gas station in Lee Vining, California.   Sounds spectacular doesn’t it?   Well, all I can say is that the next time you are within a thousand miles of this gas station, you should really give it…

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Roll 40: Kodak Stereo

52 rolls

It seemed like a good idea to try out a new camera for a change.   I have been having some good luck with old treasures until now so I’m not completely surprised that one of my cameras didn’t come out of storage and function as well as the others.   This is the Kodak Stereo.   It is designed for use with 35mm slide film so I put in a roll of Kodak Elite Chrome 100 and went on my merry way.  The camera and the leather case are in mint condition and beautiful.


Since the idea is to shoot two shots with each blow and then look at them through a dual slide viewer.   I had to acquire a stereo viewer before I attempted this experiment.   It is a total bonus that the friend that gave me the Kodak Stereo also managed to find TWO viewers…

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Roll 39: Crystal Peak Park, Verdi, NV

52 rolls

I’m a sucker for a good neighborhood park.   And, it makes for an easy way to explore with my family, check out some fun little, hidden spots and, of course, burn through a good roll of film.  I headed out with the Bolsey Model C and a roll of Fuji 400 35mm to revisit an old park that recently got a new facelift.   This is Crystal Peak Park in Verdi, NV.

picnic grass The focus point was off here but I just thought the green grass looked so good. A rare treat here in dry Nevada.

I remember this park as a child.   My grandparents liked the short drive from their house to this little spot near the Truckee River in Verdi.    The park was a lot different then and had less space but I always remembered the hidden trails to benches and fun spots.   I’m glad…

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Roll 38: Bolsey Model C

52 rolls

A new camera for the project:   The Bolsey Model C.   This is a nice little TLR that runs 35mm and is from the 1950s.   The camera is a little special because an extended family member gave to me because he knows of my love for all things film.   The camera was his father’s and it was his trusty memory-maker when he served with the Army in Korea.    Anything that weathered through those conditions is an honor to hold.

And, look … it takes pretty darn good photos, too!   I wasn’t sure what to expect so I just used a roll of Fuji 400 at the neighborhood park just to see what would happen.

third base Ready for some baseball?

playground This shot is facing the opposite direction from the baseball field. We were having terrible smoke conditions from a recent wildfire. Cough, cough.

double ex In getting comfortable with…

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Roll 37: Everyday Things

52 rolls

Sometimes, there’s nothing special going on and just ordinary things to photography.    My son gets the mail at our house every day.   This is one of his “jobs.”   We check the mail every day after I get off of work and pick him up from school.

Nothing good today in the box.   Just junk mail.


And, speaking of school, my son started kindergarten this year.    I took lots of ‘first day’ photos but didn’t shoot it on film.   Here’s a shot of the school:


This school was built over 50 years ago.   They take good care of it but that tells you how limited the funding for education here in Nevada is.   Very.   I won’t start a political rant here but they could make some serious changes, in my opinion.   For real.

I shot a bunch of images on the…

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