Roll 35: Hike Above the Other Side

52 rolls

The EXA went hiking with me again.   I bought a new strap for it and, now, it is so much more comfortable to tote around all day.   Watch out, folks, I armed and dangerous now!   Again, I shot on Kodak Ektar 100.    And, if you saw my last hiking post, you’ll notice that this is from the other side of the valley on a clearer day.   You can see where we hiked from these photos and, maybe, pick out this spot from the other ones in the smoke.   Now, you can feel like you ‘virtually’ saw the valley, if you’ve never been to this part of Northern Nevada.

This is Washoe Lake.   The drought is killing us here.   It’s not a terribly deep lake on a good year, usually just a few feet or so but you can see from this photo…

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Roll 34: Hike Above

52 rolls

The Canon SureShot 90u and roll of Fuji Superia X-tra made their way on a hike just south of Reno, Nevada.   This is a relatively new trail that the county is maintaining for the public so I thought I would force my five year old to check it out for some exercise.   He complained a bit but then I let him snap a couple of the photos because the auto on this camera is so simple that even he takes good photos with it.   We had a pretty good day.   The out and back loop of the trail is less than a mile so it was easy-peasy for everyone.

trail head

Slide Mountain is next door to Mount Rose so, if you have been following along in my posts, there are quite a few photos of both because they are the best views up at the mountains from…

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Roll 33: Best in the West Rib Cook Off

52 rolls

The handy-dandy EXA and a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 went on another festival adventure.   This time we went to Sparks, NV, for the annual Best in the West Rib Cook Off.   Woo-hooo!   Every Labor Day weekend, the grillers, smokers and masses of humanity gather to consume as many beef ribs as their bowels can stand.   Full gluttony on exhibit here, folks.     A perfect time to take out a film camera for some ‘street’ shots, right??    I think this might be exactly why I love the EXA so much.   It is unassuming and since the viewfinder is on top, no one thinks you are taking a photo.   Well, actually, no one thinks you are taking a photo because you aren’t holding a phone up in front of your face but that’s a different story.    I had a good time with…

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Roll 32: The Marina in the Desert

52 rolls

Sometimes my work day sends me out on expedition across town and then leaves me with some free time inbetween activities.   A while ago, I had some extra time before a meeting and decided to detour to the Sparks Marina.   This is a big lake/marina thing in the middle of Sparks, NV.   Sparks is the neighboring suburb of Reno to the east that usually brings about the joke that “Reno is so close to Hell you can see Sparks.”   (puh-dump… ching!)

Anyway, the Sparks Marina has an odd history that is kind of like making lemonade out of a flood of bad lemons.  This lake was once a gravel pit that they built a freeway next to … and … then, it flooded.   Yup.   Mother Nature had her way here.   In 1997, a nice winter dumped plenty of snow in the mountains and…

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Roll 31: Urban Monochrome

52 rolls

It took me a while to post this one.   I have gotten behind again so I’m adding all of the images to a gallery to streamline it a bit.

These were all taken with my trusty EXA on Kodak Ektar 100, 35mm, and I was part of a photowalk group in downtown Reno, NV.  It’s funny how much I have been there to take photos this year when I haven’t been anywhere near that part of town in recent years.   Normally, “downtown” is reserved for tourists or transients.  Nope, not so much anymore.   There’s a whole rebirth of Reno happening!

The photo group was fun and helped me to see a few things with a new eye.   I took the bulk of my shots with a DSLR but did lug the film camera with me for the fun of it.   Well, sorta.   It was a 103 degrees…

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Roll 29: Lake Tahoe

52 rolls

By far, one of my most favorite photo subjects is Lake Tahoe.   I just live too close to this blue mecca to not be enamored with it.   For my entire life, it has never failed to awe me with beauty.    Even luckier for me, I have a few random work days that cause me to detour from office space to open space and I always try to bring a camera with me just to catch a few more blue days.    Here’s a peek into one of my better workdays lately.   All photos were shot with the Yashica Mat EM on Kodak Portra 160/120 film.

This in from the Nevada side of the lake near the Sand Harbor lookout point, facing to the west. This in from the Nevada side of the lake near the Sand Harbor lookout point, facing to the west.

I like the depth of field that the Yashica allows.   Today was a fun-focus day. I like the depth of field that the Yashica allows. Today was a fun-focus day.

Pine trees, sagebrush and crystal blue, clear water Pine trees, sagebrush and crystal blue, clear water

Lazy, lounge lizard lying at the lake Lazy…

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Roll 28: Lassen Volcanic National Park

The film from my recent adventures camping with my guys. Summer vacation has been fun!

52 rolls

Hello … remember me?   I have fallen behind a bit in my rolls of film and posting.   Yikes.   That happens quickly, doesn’t it?   Do not fret, I shall return.   The light and air of summer has me in her grasp.   There is still film to be shot and developed so I will catch back up to the hurried pace of a roll a week soon.   Life doesn’t stop just for a camera, does it?

Here’s my latest roll of film, it was a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 on 35mm.   Again, I shot with my trusty EXA.   I can’t say these were the best shots, though.   I messed it up and didn’t rewind the film properly so I lost more than half the roll.   Totally my error, AGAIN.   That’s what I get for being in a hurry.  …

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Roll 27: Lazy Summer Day

52 rolls

Summer is just rolling along and I had some Kodak Gold to run through the EXA again.   So, I thought I would just attempt to play with the focus in the hot light of a summer afternoon.   Nothing fancy, just some shots of my yard.

The hollyhocks did pretty well this year.   I have to be slightly amazed, though.   I ignored them last year when we first moved to this house.   I don’t really know how they survived without water but, they did.

holly close

holly girl

There’s a moose playing golf in the front yard.   I like rusty old iron things, I guess.


This spot stays in the shade for a while and the glider is a good spot to just soak up being in the back yard.


My favorite spot is the hammock, though.   My son has a little play area here.   It’s better…

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Roll 26: The EXA Goes Camping

52 rolls

Yup, the EXA went camping.   If you have noticed, I hardly go anywhere without the EXA anymore.   This camera is a beast of a fine machine.   I can’t get enough.   So, when my family went camping in the Sierras, the EXA got to go, too.   These shots are on Kodak Gold 400.

We camped at Stampede Reservoir near Truckee, California.   The drought is real here so the reservoir is low.   In this photo, you would normally not see all of the land at all.   The water is down something like 70% of a normal year.   It’s kinda scary.

tent water leve


teamtaft camper

Here are my dudes playing some beanbag toss (cornhole) in camp.


And, this is my favorite from the trip.   It’s not greatest technical photograph but it just show the family sitting around enjoying the day.   That’s the good stuff.

family camp

What good…

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