Oh, Deer

If I haven’t already bragged about all of the cool stuff where I live enough, here’s another one for you.   There is an amazing alfalfa farm down the road where there are tons of mule deer almost every day.    Apparently, the farmer isn’t really into worrying about how much alfalfa he gets because the deer are busy eating it.    I think they run a bed and breakfast on the farm so I’m sure sitting on the porch and watching a couple hundred (yes, hundred) deer wander by every day doesn’t hurt business.

This is just one section of the fields as seen from the main road.
This is just one section of the fields as seen from the main road.


This is what it looks like in the other direction.   Not too shabby, either.
This is what it looks like in the other direction. Not too shabby, either.


This is what my husband sees every day on his way to work.   I head the other direction but it is only about three miles from our house so I can take the long way every once in a while to enjoy the view, too.   I’m feeling pretty lucky about that.

I guess I need to remember that the next time I’m all grumpy about the world.   I have it pretty good.

What’s your drive to work look like?


New Views of the Same Places







This is the first view from my new commute to work.   I am now living in the valley instead of driving down from the mountain.   And, this is just the same view from a different angle.   Pretty awesome, eh?   Pretty lucky to see this from my living room, too, huh?   Ya, go ahead, be jealous.

I’m also using this opportunity to play with a new app on my phone.   It’s called Pixl-O-Matic and it’s about the same thing as Instagram but it has tons more filters and you don’t have to share them in an Instagram feed if you don’t want to do it.   Pixlr also has a couple of other photo editors available but this seems to be the easy, more playful model.   Pixlr did not pay me to say that.   The app is free and I like it.

Back to my commute view, I now drive through Washoe Valley by Little Washoe Lake.   The lake itself is a part of a state park and wildlife preserve so there are tons of birds.   The wind kicks up around here on a pretty regular basis so there are lots of opportunities for windsurfing but the lake isn’t really deep enough for big boats or anything like that.   I do, however, plan to do some kayaking out there when the weather warms up a bit.




Once you are out of Washoe Valley and headed back toward Reno, you drive through Pleasant Valley.    This was recently the main thoroughfare from Reno to Carson City.   I am happy to report that there is a new freeway and this road has much less traffic.   It’s almost like an old country road, including pastures with horses.    I am going to have to get more comfortable with using cruise control, though.   The speed limit is only 50 mph through here.   Yikes.

My old drive was down from those mountains in the background.   The sunrises from this angle are going to be awesome.




And, of course, my drive to work still includes this stop.   Why can’t I break you, Starbuck’s, WHY?


Cloudy Morning Mountain Drive



My morning commute is about to change and I was feeling all sentimental this morning.    I love this view.    It is breathtaking every day.  I will miss it.

I will not, however, miss snowy/icy/treacherous road conditions on this winding road.   I will not miss going through $1,000 in tires every year.   I will not miss slow-ass tourists lollygagging on the drive.   And, while I respect a bicyclist’s right to the road, I will not miss trying to avoid running them over while just getting where I am going every day.

Fortunately, my new morning commute (coming to this blog soon) will still include this same mountain from a much lower altitude.