Mountain Trails

One of the best things about Nevada is that there are tons of mountain trails into the vast open spaces.    This is a glimpse of one of the trails from my house into the woods.   I love the ATV tracks in the dirt.   It is interesting how much the desert changes when you get to the mountains–by far, the best part of having an ATV is being able to get to these places.

z quad trail closer tracks

Sometimes, it is a lot of work to get out to the middle of nowhere but the reward is always an incredible view.   This is Mount Rose from way back in the Virginia Range between Virginia City and Fernley.    Way out in the boondocks.

z mt rose full

Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada

The Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge is near Fallon, Nevada, and is about an hour east of Reno.    It is strangely listed as a ghost town on many websites but it is actually inhabited by a variety of Nevadans such as Paiute and Western Shoshone Indians, alfalfa farmers and a cattle rancher or two from Fallon.   There is a significant amount of history to the area and is a wildlife preserve for many wetland species even though it ironically borders a private hunting club.   The dichotomy of Stillwater is strong.   Sometimes, when the water is being released for the local farms, the area will be dry as a bone for miles and, when the water is plentiful, it is green as could be.   It’s like the Kalahari Desert of Nevada.

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