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Instagram has been releasing web profiles for users all week.  I have been checking and waiting and checking and waiting in anticipation of sharing my profile with you.   There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Instagram is real photography and, before that, whether or not it should have just stayed an iPhone app.    Well, I’m an Android user that prefers her Nikon and I think Instagram is fun.    That’s all.   Just fun.

Are you an Instagrammer?   What do you think about it being a phone app or a web profile?   Either way, come on over and join me at

Or, just enjoy some of my recent favorites here:

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Welcome to #Nevada #wwimadventure

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Golden blast of autumn color

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Sand Harbor, #tahoe #kayak

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Mount Rose, Reno, NV

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I am thinking about doing a weekly Instagram post for this site so get ready to see more funky filters and retro shots soon.

Autumn in the Sierras

Photographers who carry their cameras around with them all of the time get the best photos.   That’s what I’ve been told anyway.   And, some days that works out to be a good idea.    I was lucky enough to have my camera with me the other day when I drove up to Lake Tahoe for other work-for-pay activities and managed to get off the beaten path for a couple of minutes to take some pictures.   Enjoy.

This is Spooner Lake and is just up the hill from Carson City, NV, before you make the turn to Lake Tahoe.   I think a lot of people are distracted by the beauty of Tahoe and forget what a little gem this one is.

It’s hard for me to resist a good look at some aspens changing colors in contrast to the pine trees here.   A little touch of red would have made it all too perfect.

It was a little breezy at Tahoe today but the big blue sky and big blue water are still so inviting.   I could sit at this bench all day.

Maybe, I should.    This is a much better spot than any office.

Don’t tell this cute little butterfly that winter is coming … and that I am looking forward to it, too.


It’s appropriate that the first blog post here is about a photowalk.    Actually, it is about the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2012 on October 13, 2012.   What is so important about this?

First, this website is a transition for my photography.   It started as a hobby that I never shared to a near obsession that I almost always share now.   This is a whole new website format.   Why not make it completely different?

Second, participating in the SKWP was more about doing something out of my comfort zone.   The event here in Reno had about a dozen photographers show up and we just wandered through a local park looking for some fall foliage to photograph.   It was not life changing but it was definitely something that I don’t normally do.   It was a good opportunity to meet some other people and find a way to be a part of a worldwide effort to get new photos out there.

The photowalk was held at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno, Nevada.   There was a nice wooded area where we found an owl watching us and then looped around to finish at a 22-foot memorial statue that celebrates the Basque heritage of Northern Nevada.    For more information about the Basque Memorial and sheepherders of the Great Basin, please go to

Want to see some pictures now?