Bowers Mansion



Just south of Reno, there is a county park with some fantastic history.   Bower’s Mansion hails from the heyday of mining on the Comstock and the riches of the wild west.   The property has changed ownership several times and still struggles to survive but it remains, as beautiful as ever.

Throughout the month of June, the park as put on a Friday night “Programs on the Porch” series and I have gone with my family.   Everyone is invited to bring a lawn chair and picnic dinner to enjoy free shows with everything from cowboy poetry to tales of the Donner Party.

This park is one of those magic places that reminds everyone of their childhood, no matter where you grew up or what parks you visited.   There is a public swimming pool here fed from a natural hot spring.   The grounds are beautiful, the trees majestic.   If you have ever lived within a 100 miles of the park, you probably have more than one memory of a family picnic or school field trip to visit.    There is even an old cemetery up the hill that you can hike to and the tour of the mansion by park rangers have inspired many campfire tales.

Here are a few of my Instagram photos from my family’s evenings at the park:



The cowboy in this photo is Richard Elloyan.   Fantastic performer — we bought a couple of CDs that night.

I love the fountain in front of the mansion.   The view over to the rest of the valley never disappoints.



I took quite a few photos inside the mansion but this one is my favorite.   Legend is that the mistress of the mansion was a fortune teller … I wonder what her crystal ball shows for us in this shot?


I have a thing for old chandeliers and light fixtures.   The light on this one was just right to get all of the red.   That’s not a filter.   The ceiling reflected red.   Cool–creepy.


For more information on the history of the mansion and the park, please visit

Disney via Instagram

I am still suffering from vacation hangover and a little bit of post-awesomeness depression from our Disney adventures.   It truly was a nice vacation in the Happiest Place on Earth.    Rather than share cheesy shots of my family in the standard Disney poses, I’d like to show you my lens via Instagram.

The Tea Cups, or the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, at night were beautiful.


Space Mountain, a classic.


The Orbiters are a silly ride but the design is dazzling.


I was in love with the Mickey wheel at California Adventure.   I took countless photos of it but this sunset is my favorite.


Mickey shaped food always tastes better.   The churro is BY FAR my favorite, though.


Malificent the Dragon from the show “Fantasmic,” an outdoor display on the water by Tom Sawyer’s Island.


We stayed at the Grand Californian.   I loved the lobby.   It was huge and dramatic with all kinds of architectural details.


Mickey ‘soft’ pretzels.   This actually looked better than it tasted.   Hard as a rock.


Goofy’s Symphony on the water at California Adventure.   I didn’t realize what a goofy Goofy fan I am.  He is adorable.


From inside the bottle house, one of the spots they mousetrap you through while waiting in line for the Radiator Springs Racers.


To Infinity and Beyond …


Oh, Buzz.   You handsome devil, you.

Until my next visit …


Instagram Goodness



I recently posted this photo as I had taken it pretty much straight out of camera.   Then, I played with it a little bit in Instagram and shared with it with a few friends.   My Instagram and Facebook accounts have pretty much blown up with comments and likes.   So, I thought I would share it on here as well.    It’s just another one from my daily commute.   I literally just rolled the window down to take this picture.   I didn’t even get out of the car.

This was taken from the Geiger Grade rest stop looking west at Mount Rose above Reno, Nevada.

Instagram Web Profiles

Instagram has been releasing web profiles for users all week.  I have been checking and waiting and checking and waiting in anticipation of sharing my profile with you.   There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Instagram is real photography and, before that, whether or not it should have just stayed an iPhone app.    Well, I’m an Android user that prefers her Nikon and I think Instagram is fun.    That’s all.   Just fun.

Are you an Instagrammer?   What do you think about it being a phone app or a web profile?   Either way, come on over and join me at

Or, just enjoy some of my recent favorites here:

I am thinking about doing a weekly Instagram post for this site so get ready to see more funky filters and retro shots soon.