Outdoor Project

Hello out there in the blog-o-sphere … it has been a while.    What have you been doing?    Holidays, happy stuff, winter adventures?    Ya, me too.

I have news for you.   And, it’s fun!    I have become part of a new group (or two) and can now share it with you.    Check out, Outdoor Project.    The company is a fun group of people looking to be a resource for your outdoor adventures.   Right now, the bulk of hiking, biking, paddling, snow fun is based in the Pacific-Northwest but this group has high aspirations to do more.   And, I’ll be adding in some Nevada/California fun, too.

I’m working on adding in my kayaking adventures from Lake Tahoe.   If you been following along, you’ve read about it here on this blog, but here’s my Outdoor Project post.

Ya.   Nice Chris-Craft wooden boat.  Cha-ching. $$$$

BONUS!   You can join in on this fun, too.    It’s free to become a member of the site and they are currently recruiting contributors.   Check out the site and consider joining us.   Let them know that I sent you!   If you have questions or would like more contact information, please email me at gingerleaphoto (at) aol (dot) com.

P.S.   I have some other plans for the new year … 2014 is going to be great!   And, it involves FILM.   Stay tuned …