The Routine



My pictures are going to attempt to tell a story today … let me know what you think.




This is the window in my office, the 8-5 cave where I dwell in exchange for a equally depressing paycheck.   I moved the furniture around last year so that I could see out of the window more easily.   The space isn’t great but at least I can see what the weather is doing or the comings and goings in the parking lot.

Over time, I have noticed that the elderly lady that works in the office across the way is usually driven to work every day.  The driver even returns for lunch.   EVERY.DAY.  The lady is always well dressed with her hair just so and her driver is older as well with bushy white hair.   He doesn’t seem as well put together, his normal attire is sweatpants and a t-shirt.  I imagine that the driver does not have an office destination after his daily shuttle service.  Who knows, maybe, some Price is Right or a bit of crossword before returning?  At any rate, they seems sweet together and clearly have a very strong routine.

I enjoy seeing them every day.

And, then, it changed.    The car just stayed in the parking lot one day.   ALL.DAY.  No driver with the bushy white hair.  No lunch break shuttle.  And, when I saw the lady, she wasn’t as put together with matching dress slacks and bag as she had previously been.  Her head was hung low and her walk was slow.

The scene made me so sad.

I wondered what had happened.   Did he die?   Or, was he just ill?   I have no connection to this couple and don’t even know anyone in the office across the way to ask.   I just watched through my window.

(I felt like a total stalker taking this photo through the blinds, by the way.)


She came and went, alone.

I was resigned that life happens and I would now look at this KIA every day with a little bit of forlorn, a lonely sad little KIA in an office parking lot.


And, then, it happened!

He appeared!

Whew.   I was worried about this dude.   He has no idea how close I came to running out of my office building and patting him on the back to congratulate him on his return to the routine.  My routine.

Had he been sick?   Was he out of town visiting family?   Did they get sick of the routine and he just stayed home to watch the Today show?   No bother.   The routine was back.



And, yes, the stalker in me even felt a little guilty photographing their smooch, but … it shows how sweet their love is.

Every day, he carries her handbag for her and gives her a goodbye kiss.



And, I feel a little bit better about watching the world from my office window.   Order has been restored.  Now, I should probably get back to work and quit staring out the window.